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katrina amante




Born in the Philippines and raised in Chicago, Katrina received her BA in marketing communications at Columbia College and currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. She is a creative thinker and artist of different sorts, but regardless of what she's putting her hands to, she seeks to produce quality work that is made with carefulness, that "feels right", carries a certain charm and pays attention to the little details through visuals (and sound). She's gained over 10 years of dancing, teaching and choreography experience for live shows and industry work, and through those years; has also directed, coordinated and choreographed for several professional award winning Chicago dance companies and project groups.

Katrina began directing film concepts in 2013 and has had the honor to premiere her work at venues such as the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Currently, she's a creative with MoonHead Productions in Los Angeles and her style focuses on rhythmic story telling in music videos and video concepts. As a photographer, she loves creative and beautiful moments in a still. Whether that be through weddings, engagements, portraits, events or

capturing behind the scenes, she loves to see the details in a moment to tell an artful story. Like most, she's endlessly discovering what's inside her to give out, and

hopes to grow in all that she has to offer. Katrina

wants to spread something good with her projects 

and looks forward to keep cultivating community 

and relationships along the way. Ultimately, her goal as a creator is to make work that excites, spreads love and inspires someone else to whatever capacity that may be!  


Hello , IT'S ME..


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Go 2 Talent Agency

2825 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505

Tel: 818.843.9800

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